Plains Game Hunting

Crusader Safaris hunts only large free range conservancies. Animals are all indigenous to these areas and have always been there, offering an authentic hunting experience for superior trophy quality.

Free Range Plains Game Hunting in South Africa

Crusader Safaris has over the last 15 years built quite a reputation for free range unfenced plains game hunting. As a plains game hunting destination, South Africa has something to offer hunters from all over the world with all levels of hunting experience.

Plains Game Hunting Areas

All animals are hunted in the Baviaansriver Conservancy, Umkomaas Valley and Stormberg Mountains. The animals are all free range and indigenous to the area and habitat.

First-time Plains Game Hunters

For the first-time hunter in Africa, a free range plains game hunt is a great way to see the country and experience many hunting opportunities and challenges. Usually 8 to 10 days, with a few priority species and an opportunistic mindset, is the best way to approach the first hunt. Priority species include Kudu, Bushbuck, Gemsbuck, Warthog and a few other species. Most of our first-time hunters will hunt the Baviaansriver Conservancy. This 450 000 acre free range area has great trophy quality and variety.

Return Plains Game Hunters

Africa has a way of drawing you back and the Umkomaas Valley is a perfect destination for the returning hunter, focusing on huge free range Nyala, Southern Greater Kudu, Bushbuck and many others. This unique 100 000 acre area has a truly wild authentic feel and unbelievable trophy quality.

The Umkomaas Valley, Baviaansriver and Stormberg Mountains offer very different hunting challenges, scenery, camps and animals.

Why Plains Game Hunt with Crusader Safaris?

South Africa is a great plains game destination and with Crusader Safaris the unique aspect is that all our areas and hunting are free range. Trophy quality is the focus and with the areas being well managed the game is plentiful. Being a family-friendly hunt and destination a few days spent enjoying the sightseeing opportunities before or after the hunt are a great idea. The Indian Ocean on the east coast, Cape Town in the south to Durban in the north or some of our huge game reserves. Kruger National Park, Addo National Park and a number of others are well worth a look at.

Plains Game Hunting Gallery

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